New LPTW Program! Theatre Connections: Expanding the Conversation from Networking to Connections

A new program, Theatre Connections, is being launched by the LPTW this season.

Theatre Connections is designed to build bridges between women in theatre and active producing institutions. With the generous collaboration of top theatre organizations, LPTW members will have the opportunity to meet with NYC theatre institutions and hear first-hand about opportunities and partnerships at the venue.

The first Theatre Connections program will be at
The Public Theatre
 on January 22, 2018,
from 4-5:30PM.

50 LPTW members will be able to attend on a first come, first served basis. Registration begins:
Friday, December 1st at 8pm

Another eblast with the registration link will go out on 12/1. 
If more than 50 members are interested in attending, we will begin a wait list for the event.

Participants will speak with key Public Theater personnel about questions such as: how to best connect with the organization, how to get your work seen by the Public, how to be considered for a staff job, and how to cross-market with the organization.

“At a difficult time in the world, Theatre Connections is reaching across barriers to join hands with top institutions and strengthen our theater community,” said Cindy Cooper, the LPTW member who created the program with Programming Co-Chairs Ludovica Villar-Hauser and Yana Landowne.

“From an ‘inside-the-nest’ view, Theatre Connections will give practitioners a better sense of how to navigate this landscape,” said Cooper. Just as LPTW touring groups meet with theaters in London, Theatre Connections will bring women practitioners to institutions in our own community.

A second Theatre Connections is also being planned for May. Keep an eye out for details on that event, coming soon.

If you are interested in working on the Theatre Connections program, please contact