Announcing LPTW Theater Women Online (T.W.O.) – A New Listserv

Announcing . . .

LPTW’s very own listserv – Theatre Women Online (T.W.O.)

Bringing League of Professional Theatre Women members closer together, across town and around the globe. This is a place for LPTW Members to share resources, post offers, questions and needs, and any discussion topic concerning employment and advocacy. LPTW T.W.O. can be a powerful tool and resource for all of us so please use it as it was intended for everything directly relevant to our professional lives and our work.

Please note that T.W.O. should NOT be used for publicity or promotional announcements. Members can and should still take advantage of publicizing projects via: the LPTW eNewsletter, LPTW social media platforms (FB, Twitter, IG), and by sharing show info at all League events.

CLICK HERE to subscribe.

For questions and technical issues, email:


How To Join

  • CLICK HERE. Under “theatre-women-online” click on “Apply for membership” Please allow up to a week for moderators to approve your membership.
  • Note: If you don’t have a gmail account, you will be asked to register your email with google (30-second process)


Tips & Best Practices

Joining and Settings
  • Join with your FULL REAL name, rather than a company name or online moniker. The point of the group is for people to be able to find you.
  • Theatre Women Online subscribers can choose how to get postings, either as they are posted or in one lump grouping where the postings of the day are aggregated into one email. Members should consider whether they want to get T.W.O. communications in real-time OR opt to receive a daily digest. Please note that if you choose digest, you will receive only ONE email per day containing all the day’s postings; this can cut down on inbox traffic, however you may miss out on getting a time-sensitive posting in time to respond and/or take advantage of an offer or opportunity (ie I have an extra ticket to a show tonight).
  • When you reply to a post, your response will go only to the original poster. This is the default setting for T.W.O.
  • If you want for your response to be seen by the entire T.W.O. community membership, you must hit REPLY ALL


What To Post
  • Please do not use Theatre Women Online in place of the League Newsletter or Social Media. Rule of thumb: if your posting is soliciting a reply, use T.W.O., if it’s purely to publicize or promote (as in the case of a show) do not use T.W.O.
  • HINT: these are some suggested keywords you might choose to include in the subject line of your post:
    • URGENT
    • OFFER
    • HELP
  • IF NOT in NYC, DO POST LOCATION in your subject line

For Example: NEEDED EDINBURGH SCOTLAND a fantastic ASM for festival

  • Things you might want to post:

“I’ve an extra ticket for a show tonight”

“LONDON: I have a gig in London and am looking to do an apartment swap with a theater artist for the month of November”

“Please attend the Rally For Gender Parity at Lincoln Center”

“I am looking for a publicist for my next show”

“I have three-period costume dresses (18c) I need to rehome”

“NEEDED baby care on-site for rehearsals beginning in October”

“PORTLAND can anyone recommend theatre to see in Portland?”


Rules of Conduct

Theater Women Online (T.W.O.) is a perk of membership for all LPTW members in good standing. As an online group of and for League Members, LPTW T.W.O. functions as a “resource center” and “connective hub” allowing members to post questions, needs, and offerings to the group and receive answers, solutions, and responses back.

Participation is voluntary and participants agree not to hold the LPTW nor Theatre Women Online’s moderators responsible for any opinion or information posted on T.W.O.

Participants agree not to engage in any egregious behavior while using T.W.O. Examples of egregious behavior include:

  • harassment
  • abusive language
  • posting political content NOT DIRECTLY related to the League’s mission
  • using libelous or discriminatory language
  • explicit subject matter or language
  • any other speech that would be deemed inappropriate in a professional setting.

Such behavior would result in removal by the moderators from the T.W.O. discussion group; warnings will be issued at the Moderators’ discretion. NB: this is a monitored not moderated discussion group.

All participants on T.W.O. are expected to exercise good judgment and good citizenship at all times and in all their interactions while utilizing this online group.


Let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Founding Moderators:

Kat Mustatea, Gwynn MacDonald