#52PlaysByWomen – A New Social Media Advocacy Campaign

On Monday, August 1, a new social media advocacy campaign launched on Twitter called #52playsbywomen.

It’s modeled on Women in Film’s brilliant #52filmsbywomen campaign: http://womeninfilm.org/52-films/

Here’s the gist: For one year, we’re trying to encourage a social media pledge to see a play by a woman playwright in performance weekly (readings count!) and if there are not enough performed plays available by women writers in a specific region, to encourage reading a play by a woman playwright instead that week. This process should last for a year, so that by the end,  each participant will have experienced #52playsbywomen.

Here’s bit more explaining the simple rules of the Call to Action:  http://venusinorange.com/52playsbywomen/

This campaign will encourage more discussion of female playwrights and their plays  in social media, and add to the buzz  by raising visibility. Additionally, it can help audience members develop a regular habit of seeking plays by women as part of their personal choices as theater-goers.

This is an international campaign, and all are welcome to be part of it. See you at the hashtag!