The League of Professional Theatre Women’s International Committee is starting a program to encourage women refugees of all ages, from all over the world, to respond to the phrase:

(can include her past life, present life, and dreams for her future).

It can be a sentence, a short poem, any kind of brief writing. We will collect all these thoughts and make a performance piece to show in New York City. There is no money involved, it’s an all-volunteer effort.

Who is eligible?
Women of all ages, including children. If they are too young to write, they can dictate to an adult.

To be included: Name, Age, language, Country and City of origin, number of family members with them.

Submissions can be in any language. Please try to translate to English before forwarding on to WOWR. If photos are possible please include one of them and one with their family.

We are looking for someone, or a group, on the ground to solicit and collect this writing from women in refugee camps, or resettled in cities all over the world.

To get involved, please email: