The League of Professional Theatre Women, Inc. is:

An advocacy organization with a mission to reinforce the positive image of, promote the visibility of, and increase opportunities for women in the arts and entertainment industries, more particularly professional theatre, with a goal to enrich and infuse our culture.

A support system for women in theatre, in which they serve as resources for each other by mutual sharing of experiences, insights and work.

A center for the exchange of information and skills that women can utilize in their careers.

A means of linking women in the professional theatre with colleagues in college and university theatres, and with women in other performing arts organizations in the United States and abroad.

A forum for ideas relating to art and its effect on society.

The League of Professional Theatre Women champions women in theatre and has been leading the gender parity conversation in professional theatre for over 35 years. Since its founding, the League’s membership has grown to 500+ members of theatre artists and practitioners of all backgrounds, across multiple disciplines, working in the commercial and non-profit sectors. To promote visibility and increase opportunities for women in the field, LPTW spearheads events, public programming, advocacy projects, and media and publications that celebrate industry luminaries, preserve the legacy of historic visionaries, raise awareness of the importance of nurturing women’s voices, and shines a spotlight on the imperative of striving for gender parity and fostering a diversity of expression, both in the theatre world and world at large.