The Mentoring Committee of LPTW offers counsel, technical assistance, and moral support to members upon request.  Mentoring is provided in three ways, through three sub-committees: Big Sisters, Apprentices, and One-on-One Peer Mentoring, all utilizing the vast reservoir of skill sets available.

The centerpiece of the Mentoring Committee has always been and will continue to be One-on-One Peer Mentoring, bringing together two women from LPTW who have areas of expertise they can offer each other with the intention of working together to achieve finite goals, but also to develop strong ties and ongoing relationships.  To seek out a peer mentoring relationship, please email

Our Apprentice Program, begun in 2014, is growing all the time. Apprentices each work with a Committee of LPTW and are mentored by a member from that committee. Apprentices also meet with each other and other mentors, help with LPTW events, and go on outings.

We’re currently accepting Apprentice applications for the 2016-17 season until June 30, 2016. If you are interested in applying for 2016-17, please apply through our online application here and choose Apprentice to the League in the question: “For what level of membership are you applying?”

Big Sisters.  This committee has replaced the Welcoming Committee, and works to provide each new member with one-on-one guidance to getting involved with LPTW.  The Big Sister could be one of the new members’ sponsors or someone new, but it will be someone involved with the organization, and with the ability to guide the new member to committees and activities that will interest and involve them. We are always looking for members to assist as Big Sisters. Please email

Shellen Lubin and Dorothy Leeds

Co-Chairs of the Mentoring Committee

Erinn Conlon

Apprentice to the Mentoring Committee