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Playwright, Librettist, Artist and Educator, Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger is a playwright – in – residence at both Manhattan Repertory Theatre and Cosmic Orchid Theatre Company. As the creative director and host of AIRPlay with the On Air Players, Koepfinger brings the voices of artists, actors, playwrights from all over the world together in her weekly virtual theatre radio program. Also via new media, Koepfinger has created DETERMINED WOMEN, a monthly feature the interviews Today’s Theatre Women who share their stories to encourage and inspire.┬áIn addition to teaching theatre and composition at Carnegie Mellon and various universities, Koepfinger is an internationally published and produced playwright and librettist. She also is a contributing writer for the Center of Conscious Creativity in LA; a board member of the International Center for Women Playwrights; the Media Arts Advisory Board of Lifeboat Foundation, recently published GET THE MESSAGE in their new Visions of the Future anthology 2016; a Member of The Dramatists Guild, and the League of Professional Theatre Women.┬áRecent work includes three new powerful pieces with her writing partner Joe Izen: including “The Eve of Beltane” -a fresh look at political corruption in the face of ancient Celtic mythology; “Schoolhouse” an ultra modern musical that takes the young Ella, a victim of a school shooting through a journey into an imaginary schoolhouse to find compassion and joy awaiting; and “THY KINGDOM COME” where technology meets it’s match in matchmaking with TED, the world’s first transhuman who falls in love with boss only to reveal a bigger, brighter picture for all humanity.


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