The League would like to honor two longtime members who passed this summer. We are so appreciative of your time with us and you will be deeply missed.


A Tribute to Joanne Jacobson by LPTW Member Harriet Slaughter


“It’s difficult to convey the feelings that swarm into one’s head upon learning of the death of a friend. Joanne Jacobson was not only my friend, but she had a family of friends in the theatre community whose lives she touched in innumerable and profound ways.  Her generosity of spirit, her sparkling smile, and lilting laughter provided a warm breath of companionship.

Joanne and I became acquainted on our League of Professional Women sojourns to London and the Humana Festival in Louisville. Upon our return to New York, we continued the English tradition of having afternoon tea in the Palm Court at the Plaza or convening with mutual friends for a “healthy” lunch and laughter…”

A Tribute to Paula J. Riley by LPTW Member Denise B. Flemming

“Beloved LPTW member Paula J Riley passed away on July 1st, 2018. Her work as an actress, director, and acting coach helped shape the careers of so many that came her way.

In 2013, Paula founded The Spiral Theatre Studio, which, within a year, became home to five equity showcase stage productions, six readings, and three fundraisers. The Studio went on to become a premier incubator for Off-Off-Broadway plays, offering artists around the world an innovative space to grow sustainable theatre
in New York City.

League member Denise B. Flemming was mentored by Paula for many years. She passed on the following story about their introduction and relationship…”

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