This page is dedicated to recognizing the wonderful accomplishments of our membership.

LPTW Co-President Lorca Peress‘ MultiStages wins 3 HOLA awards

LPTW Administrative Director Jennifer Lane receives the Alec Baldwin Fellowship at Singers Forum

LPTW Member Anne Bogart receives the distinguished Jesse L. Rosenberger Medal for Outstanding Achievement in the Creative and Performing Arts

LPTW Member Caridad Svich wins the Francesca Primus Prize

LPTW Member Carrie Robbins wins the Sharaff Award

League Members receive Tony Award Nominations: Linda Chapman, Jamie DeRoy, Elizabeth A. Davis, Natasha Katz, Nancy Nagel Gibbs and Catherine Schreiber

LPTW Co-President Kristin Marting named one of’s 2010 People of the Year