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ADELHEID ROOSEN of The Netherlands

In 2017, ADELHEID ROOSEN of The Netherlands received the Gilder/Coigney Award for her tremendous contribution in World Theatre. Roosen’s work is best described as “multidimensional social sculpture.” Utilizing primarily theatrical methods, she creates performances and installations in places of great social vulnerability. The source of her creation is the development of an individual’s uncultivated capacity for empathy in relation to ‘the other’. In 2009 Roosen received the Amsterdam Prize for her trans-boundary contribution to the arts and a second Proscenium prize in 2012 for her oeuvre. The Humanist Society awarded her the Van Praag Prize in 2015 because “… she is, through her art, an indefatigable advocate of a world where compassion towards humanity is given a second chance…” This year she was asked to join the prestigious Academy for the Arts. Roosen has taught at the Amsterdam School for Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre for the last 30 years, where she also serves on the artistic board.
The 2017 Award will be presented on October 23, 2017 at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center/CUNY. Other Award Week events, including a celebration of all the Nominees are scheduled between October 15 and 20th.
Awardee Adelheid Roosen was chosen from a group of six finalists that also included: Lina Attel (Jordan), Jalila Baccar (Tunisia), Mihaela Drăgan (Romania), Natalia Kaliada (Belarus), and Jesusa Rodriguez (Mexico).
The remaining nominees are: Abir Aly (Egypt), Sarah Berger (England), Patricia Benecke (Germany), Sabina Berman (Mexico), Kate Cherry (Australia), Drenia Frederick (St. Lucia), Elena Gremina (Russia), Brigitte Helbling (Switzerland), Carmina Narro (Mexico), Julia Pascal (England), Marwa Radwan Mohamed (Egypt), Nan Van Houte (The Netherlands), Ilire Vinca (Kosovo), and Linda Wise (France).

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